Linguistic notes from Island Melanesia

Alexandre FRANçOIS

Alexandre François (LaTTiCe, CNRS—ENS; A.N.U.) has done fieldwork in Vanuatu since 1997, and in the Solomon Islands since 2005. He has collected linguistic and cultural data mostly from the Banks and Torres Islands. His field books archived here contain data on 24 distinct languages, many of which are endangered. For more info, see

Below are a few random samples in open access. The full set of his field notes (sometimes with restricted access) has been archived on the Odsas platform: and

Conversation notes in the Mwotlap language, Motalava, Banks Islands, Vanuatu [2000]
Notes and map figures linked to the transcription of Mwotlap traditional stories [2000]
Notes on the grammar and conversational pragmatics of Mwotlap [2000]
Vocabulary notes; The use of Mwotlap geocentric space directionals on other islands [2000]
Transcription of a love elegy in the archaic song language of Motalava, with translation notes in spoken Mwotlap or in French [2004]
Exploration (vocabulary, historical phonology) of the Lehali language, western Ureparapara (Banks). French translation of a love elegy from Motalava [2004]