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Barbara Glowczewski has a professorial research tenure at the CNRS (National Scientific Research Centre in France) and coordinates the team "Anthropology of perception" at the Laboratory of Social Anthropology (CNRS/EHESS/Collège de France).
She teaches and supervises PhD students at EHESS (School of Social Sciences, Paris), and joint degrees with Australian Universities (JCU, Melbourne, UQ).
Since 1979, has cumulated 12 years of fieldwork in Australia (Warlpiri people in Lajamanu, Yawuru and Jabirr Jabirr people in Broome, and Palm Island since 2004). Author of many books and articles, her multimedia work has been displayed in many exhibitions and use for teaching around the world, (awards for 2 CD-Roms published by UNESCO: Dream trackers, Yapa art and Knowledge of the Australian desert, 2000, and Cultural diversity and Indigenous Peoples, 2004).

Research interest:

1) Digital documentation of Warlpiri songs, stories, photos and films (from Lajamanu, central Australia, Northern Territory, 1979-2011) for participatory annotation with researchers (Mary Laughren, linguist, UQ) and people from Lajamanu: see collections and training fieldwork in July 2011 on

2) Issues of social justice and the place of creation in surviving to disaster and violences.

3) Aboriginal reticular thinking : in myth, ritual, dream creativity and art.

4) Social and cultural transformations with a focus on Indigenous agency, especially in festivals, visual and digital media.

5) Also published on urban anthropology, teenage rituals and gender issues.

Selected recent publications:

(2011), Guattari and Anthropology: Existential territories among Indigenous Australians, in E. Alliez & A. Goffey (eds), The Guattari effect, London, New York: Continuum Books.

(2011) « Between Spectacle and Politics : Indigenous Singularities », in B. Glowczewski & R. Henry (eds) The Challenge of Indigenous Peoples, Oxford: The Bardwell Press.

(2010) Warriors for Peace: the political condition of the Aboriginal people as viewed from Palm Island. (191 pages,): (free upload) translation (with new foreword by Chris Cunneen , introduction by Barbara Glowczewski and postface by Lise Garond ) of (2008) Guerriers pour la Paix. La condition politique des Aborigènes vue de Palm island. Montpellier: Indigène Editions (Barbara Glowczewski avec une contribution de Lex Wotton)

(2008) Restitution de données anthropologiques en multimédia: défis pratiques, éthiques et scientifiques. In: La mise à l'épreuve: le transfert des connaissances scientifiques en questions. Editions Quae, Versailles, France, pp. 69-85.

(2006) Rêves en colère. Avec les Aborigènes australiens. Plon Pocket, Terre Humaine (Rêves en colère, Plon, 2004).

(2005) Lines and criss-crossings: hyperlinks in Australian indigenous narratives. Media International Australia, 116. (2004) Returning Indigenous knowledge in central Australia: 'this CD-ROM brings everybody to the mind'. ISBN 0-85575-489-3. Papers from AIATSIS Indigenous Studies Conference (Set. 2001), The power of knowledge, the resonance of tradition, Canberra: AIATSIS. Co-directed with Australian film maker Wayne Barker the film Spirit of Anchor

(2002) (53', Bawaka, Arnhem Land, NT, CNRS Images), broadcasted on French TV ARTE: can be uploaded for free on:

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ID: ODSAS collection 28
Owner(s): Judith Hannoun, Barbara Glowczewski, Judith Hannoun
Description: This collection has 43 Set(s) (27 open and 16 restricted) with 3910 Object(s)

Abstract: Photos, films, sound recordings of songs and stories, field note books from Lajamanu Warlpiri Aboriginal people, Central Australia. 1979-2018 Photographies, films, enregistrements de chants et recits, carnets de terrain chez les Aborigènes Warlpiri de Lajamanu, Australie centrale. 1979-2018

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Djugun and Yawuru collection

ID: ODSAS collection 67
Owner(s): Pat Torres Mamanyjum, Barbara Glowczewski, Judith Hannoun
Description: This collection has 9 Set(s) (1 open and 8 restricted) with 447 Object(s)

Abstract: Djugun and Yawuru archives Broome, Western Australia Barbara Glowczewski, Theresa Torres Barker and Pat Torres Mamanyjum

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