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If you already have an account and would like to access rights to a specific collection or set, please log into your account and browse the sets of the collections (menu 'Collections' or menu 'Browse') to which you would like to have access. If you are logged in, a specific link will appear through which you will be able to ask the owner access rights.

Having an account allows you a personalized navigation through public or restricted objects (provided you receive the necessary rights), and allows you to privately annotate and save the documents you browse.

An account is always associated with one or more collections. You may later request that the account be extended to other collections.

The platform is intended for scientific use. Generally, owners of collections require that you demonstrate your needs in terms of research or documentation before validating the creation of your account.

To create an account, which will allow you a personalized navigation and access to specific collections, please visit the respective private or public collections and click the corresponding button.