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Audio of stories and songs, Lajamanu, Central Australia, 1984 (709)

kangaroo story betty nungarrayi yams waputarli yumurrpa lajamanu tanami desert central australia japaljarri recounts wawulja dreaming jukurrpa lorna napurrurla area recorded louisa napaljarri mayawunpa kurruwalpa malamala jakamarra jupurrurla associated marnikiji parnta yanj star seed janjiya nakamarra jurntu barbara gibson yawulyu song puurda wapirti jean sister rosy ngarlajiyi liddy marlu continued tape jungarrayi napangardi pakupaku june dren jampijinpa wampana karnta japangardi japanangka nampijinpa ngarrka continuation jungunypa kirda yarunkanyi nora bush lungkardajarra nangala warna wankanyi wagta jintirrjintirrpa ngurlu involves initiated songs sung secret died yawakiyi yarturluyarturlu yarla molly yankirri nelly yawuyawulu yiningarra kalakala stone curlew lightning talks jangala ngapa water warnayarra rainbow pirntina snake wingki wallaby jinma janganpa life purlapa november rain rockhole pawu mining black yaku maggie warakalakala snakes lalkapurra watson kana digging stick pinji napanangka goanna yuendumu camel kajirri october ngarnaja kajirrijarra ngatijirri younger kurlukuku dove women kurdungurlu pawurinji names original yarripiri pawala wank yumarimari jangalpangalpa pamarrpa cycle rocks granites painting sang little ceremony kurdiji initiation start talk witi poles pakuru golden bandicoot jardiwanpa kurlungalinpa blanket lizard lawurrpa kurra east fellow meeting kaya inside work kids grew puluwanti hollow kuwajaja home kurdu tell dancing longa leave hear right learn budgerigar creek going bird went dance takes wives that's wirntiki ngayaki pintupi walk like legs sing yinapaka nampjinpa sings watiyawarnu papinya kulpulunu stories honey dreamings continue docker river mina yinapalku yulyulu translated warlpiri edited trackers unesco glowczewski&# story  nyinaja sitting underground fought wanted     translated glowczewski invincible does know sons birth babies hole feed having ones hidden the mothers bark boomerangs boys playing throw boomerang away threw landed smoke called yalpurru they approached stranger father's camp head carried decorated feathers nose munkupalpa 'who trying revenge father help felt concerned seen took later grown said make feel long frightened camping '   that's wanting born attack invincible believed brothers poor wakes slept purpose hunt game eats catch notices urine ground looking that came hiding time turn pieces blow body bones arms feeling strong grabs throws direction site goanna  testicles fell giving place happened flew north married pick leaves hands moving coming walking spread strange 'what makes he closer heads worry finally lies rest carrying baby come death follows husband cover earth protect return bring running quench thirst living surrounded daughters kept journey shade returned westwards mountain dangerous kardiya risk covered wounds carry reach stop half real headband puts sleep in morning crawling goes karntawarranyungu yellow budgerigar  seeing green birds disappear nest huge comes waterhole company tree today in  tired continues wants want 'don't forget matter mother and passes stomach sweat deep sticks tunnel holes leaving west jarluwangu western balgo followed chasing jealous night skin as maparn dreams yawulyu by herbert the  spirit  fire  my  dreamt message deceased gave designs connected reserve all started bough business things case especially yukurrukurru painted close one mission burnt when flames tried stopped burning spirit board shaking crowd dreamtime faces face yakiriya miyangula sick boards weak woke clinic send darwin knew really mother's caught making visit recognised the  from  finally better asked gather near kuwinyi told i'll women mungamunga voice brought paint fathers using teach celebrate munkurturru custodians rain  werr custodian uncles these spirits ling python they  travelling ngatijirri  travel flying so ceremonial high white drawn chests thighs clouds lots looked open space plane spear danced shouted it spirit's wampana  wallaby  can't taught sing  'you just heard 'where opened south passed repeated verse learnt happy receive bodies jingi design shows showed steps sparks wind taking meantime finished join straight country paris salt kunari ritual gift helped group received cloth after used dreaming a virtual actual space   matrix possib ities   neighbours word denote ancestral totemic beings myths journeys itineraries simple mythical annih ating aborigines fixed repetitive kind permanence movement integrates innovations means existing logical processes innovations form rituals geographical landmarks systems alliance parcel reproduction society consequently brings dynamic process possible maintain irreducible specification continuously renewed link elements consider rules active forging social identity programme &mdash stock remembered models organising combinatory ities excerpt barbara  memory earth   sacred sites aboriginal people traces tracks metamorphosis travellers hybrid  forms wandered humans live australians expressions understood mistaken refer past world origin statements transformations restricted ancient constitute fact eternal present ancestors principles participate aborigines ignore difference future perspective different current astrophysical concepts variation parallel linked relation feedback dreaming dimension source contains words images plural designate totems inherit enacted tribes geographical  itineraries  or  mark events sense decreed english 'dreaming' translates indigenous languages concept groups &lsquo dream&rsquo confusion experience given rise misunderstandings example false notion differentiate true draw line reality realm imaginary people's read search signs interpret guide everyday messages forgotte back&rsquo collective cosmological personal tangible human acts osophy&rsquo states predestination repetition freedom consists games shape transform individual immutable modified limits motion   unlike creation cultures including genesis australian transforming potential cases species described acquiring features named heroes instead questions origins ends metamorphoses reproducib from point view reveal presence man's association places reproduces order independently passing generations final analysis power localise belong mythic existed coexists motion represented capable turning earthly unattainable transformation spirit dren   pirlirrpa meet embodied sacred  dreamers revelations conception everybody embodies waits specific dropped person rock lives choose ngampurrpa desirou wait reborn elders activities preborn parents recount revealing daughter relative may  betty  men dances stone  possum yumurrpa   by translated story  waputarli wiyarrpa jukurrpa poor yarla battle by nakamarra   wind  brothersby pupiya glowczewskicoming walked eastwards kurkurmindi changed tribal territory crossed conceived small cave calling stretched sign invitation gesture malakari held greet refused accompanied woman sits says sons'eh meat 'the stays collect seeds jirrpirinypa grinds damper cannibalsout hunting shouting 'who ''could signal sisters marlulu 'they out'mother doubt longer kurdiji  ears 'what ''listen dancer calls suffocates participants overtaken burn alive singing initiate strangers grave roast flesh throwing skulls vertebras ribs doing answer invited giantsthe left luwarnu don't onions janmirda gone noticed look gigantic ''there ''and 'all liked giants care love affair 'come stay giant brother older hundreds whirlwindthis whirlwinds approaching crossing countries 'that's good ''no turned differently satisfied desires contented whirlwind rolled force breath sank song  waputarli   kangaroo by yungari abstract kangaroo blind it's bury cool fires warm food days harsh conditions gathering presents humor attachment one's complains crossing desert   wankanyi yawarrangi situated anmatyerre tour pregnant purpalala kangaroo sleeping wake hike grand follow guided shelter sunset weather cooling arriving drink sunrise cold light 'leave evening dren 'little grandfather wardapi goannas dinner eyes early cook we'll dishes 'we refresh spinifex grass torches 'tomorrow moisten meal 'we'll indeed pythons 'have eaten ' 'oh impatient 'go scan horizon arrive lizards having cooked man 'come shouldn't ' 'where ' 'tomorrow ' 'you 'get halfway complaints drag ' 'we 'there resources soaks resting sand round waterholes plenty pulya  pulya perenties cleaned ' 'i covers tender explain 'your hand taken you'd ' 'don't wife replies 'well won't again 'why fall climb mount brakley settle kangaroo's coming back   decide cross mulga acacia trees 'take ' ' ' 'then let's think ' 'the fine talking ' 'take repeats endlessly getting ' 'well angry homesick asks ' 'that's complain exaggerate tonight ready ' 'too ' 'no objects detour moistens 'do 'yes ' 'go 'here plums 'did 'i driving crazy ' 'let's ' 'ok slowly ' 'we'll lead quiet plain avoid dunes climbing uneven formed streaming season clear ' 'when ' 'wait tomorrow tired massage 'more demands 'is straightened ' 'try helping 'no problem thing ' 'he reply 'we'll up 'light fresh layers buried damp falls asleep 'give some carefully afternoon arrival disappeared   last wiri parlkirrpungurla wardingki ngurrangka women  ants seedcakes picked there pangurnu dish gathered mole runs belongs at majardi stopping stayed thinking chose belonging ngardanykinyi shameful allowed by  glowczewski   break cousin lying flat paste young elder gives edge walks thrower spears cooks seedcake belly sisters' dingo eating looks feather hears ' 'it's track finds footprints finding knees bleeding pierces chest 'let's cooking pull he's feet shakes shoulders understand outside waiting jungarrayi explains punish pierced starts men's punishment  talked grandmother flowing blood women's fault 'hit avenge niece 'mothers' lived region entering jukurrpa flower kumanjayi roots lines travelled tubers shoot my land jungarryi skins collecting ngarrka  ceremonies cattle station irri working swallowed kana  stick  water  pirlipanta spring sent growing jutarrang 'caught' later raisins 'mummy mummy clothes son's fight conflict joined plum a stolen seclusion nyina bringing paintings 'old man' performed cloud bushfire salty we adder forces yam  root this fighting camped 'oh erected kuturu curlews parraja yiwirnti years male kenny hooker knows howled prepared special ritually malyarra initiates foot rubbed yawulawulu stops yuparli owned jukakarini and  bean aunt following beans dried on collected sand  kankarlu kanunju then newly sorry swamp stuck arrived directions spark answered downs bushes times grow poor wurulyuwanta initiated  man  drunk suddenly flies ngalikirlangu single hunter emus noise humming another trouble berries bending jurlpungu emu arrives she warntapari plum  miyaka nuts jump powder couple karntawarra ochre eucalyptus passage further men  once female emu  'this parlakuna eggs brood grapes brooding soon kurintji girl town youngest neck port keats talala vines shooting soft spreading nangu two mangaya dust circle hide middle discovered katherine stones trace tasted finish scared ring cuts bigger snake's yapurnu kintinjunu eagle antbeds standing witnessed raining marrarnki underneath abe  karpardi pole rainmaking ngalyipi old  wave community antbed jukajuka cutting split dreaming a left  dren  ground by tasman yarrapiri rdajalpa ngama ngapiri wallabies companions walapanpa jukajukarla warlurna mulyju munyjurru yulyurdu kujurnu breathe anymore lirrirrpa lirrirpa warrinyjal kujurnu they choking shortened circles yellow  ochre   healed covering jutarrangirla rralypalipa malyapa rralyparlipa in coat pirliwarnawarna foreign deposit yarridarridi jiparanypa mununyu junma knife lonely nyanjuwayi gecko transgressor   kunalarunyu pawala jirgintiginti marrija kararlu kangkanya from stand alternating represents panjinji wampanawururlu panjinjirla 'panjinji' 'mina' warpinypa eastward kiya mulyumaju wurrulju wampana wurrurnu parinparinya juulungulungu the paranyantirla duyu karntawarra the paranyanti song   intercourse carried  snake  on  their  shoulders   kalajirdi palyawariji wangurukurlangu kurdijikujurnu shield clapping warnayaka jawalarra wanpanpirri kartangarrurru jarralparri winparku pitjantjatjarra  speared marks shields at  watarurru kamira road jiwaranypa creating lake insect pampa galls kanta fifty cannibals lied tirpirimpiri changing type juntangala lubra limbunya nyikiriri hunting 'kaya kuyulanyanjanpayala ' and 'kaya kaya careful owners panya  panya sugar squeeze kuruwarri insect kala important boroloola castle elliot murunjarri mirrirrinyungu seed  jiwanyparda wirrkali grow  trees by kimayi janyingki bare aerodrome yalkutu yaruku outstation alyawarra longing create  antbeds  for  honey   truth ameroo spots yurrampi quantity sugarbag shared makes  hairstrings   ngalyipirla jintikirliwati seducing jarrardajarrayi goanna hair strings coats minyeri decorates string drying pretty rope makarra dear tricked exchange knowledge share fasten birth   plains jumps oaks tomato connecting through warmed bellies mangaya   wangalanjirri stumping wakulpu ngarna 'mangaya breathing' coming rituals   territorial primar represent epic enactment identify drawings gestures fused symbols supported mediated transfigured each awaken performance become&rsquo becoming&rsquo embody actors agents acted initial state stage does mean action transforms subjects nancy  munn analysed subject object characterises pitjantjatjara identification achieved imprint externalisatio organs substances saliva tears feces affirm linguistic expressed addition suffix respectively jarri douglas capell concluded language structural contrast animal inversion signify confused raises belong&rsquo them' confuse myers hold verb kanyi adults define feeds enunciation points corresponding stages hunters acting master prefer speak self reference deconstructed actions becomings temporary argument initia fina beginning desiring meantime 'imprinting' desire ending objectivation myth step necessary constantly constructs evolving vice versa statement mirror effect referential term principle actor trace&rsquo manifestation arly relationship every aspect transcends actualise play double actualisation virtualisation cosmic potentialities emerging materialise categories aspects visible since atmospheric cultural phenomena participates generative procreators actualised identified keepers nature culture theme transfer digging  lustrates situation generation alliances clans virtuality secret  wh existence explained reversib contrary irreversible irreversib modes lost depersonalised particular decease dissolve destiny soul accompany image clanic path fuse maralypi penetrating absorbed cosmos magellanic galaxies travels souls condemned wander ghosts kurdaija vampires level merely opposites above various awake below definition infinite distant shapes domain virtualities production aiming generating certain experienced individually collectively waji mother plentiful keeps afraid kana yawulyu lajamanu mina mina the warajirrirninya minyira witirrpitirrpi all thanks headbands nyijirajira kanajikana the poking gold yapa alright yapukaji jaja surprise that&rsquo mala granny mother&rsquo duck pond bullock boss house savy makim callim laugh horse gonna ngurra tellim singim lose janganpa cycle lajamanu nganj jiyi wurna jirripirrdi wurnawurna yawakiyi songs  int yapip punmuntu pakarnina wikirri pajirninya butterfly leaves   pajarradu nganyaniri nganyaniri the opens out   yawakiyi kuturlu pukujarkaja the ripe   wajungunta yunanj karna yanyanya janganpa bushes   purrpurrpardinya rirrinjarrarla ngarl i plum soup ground   puturlu warlawarla nganj warla warla the straightening backbones   piyayi allies mijitinyanu possums forming yarrindakurdaku parrawuju windbreak mulyukarriji bubbling rirrinjarra rockholes smell butterfly eastern nearby battle renegate boulders kurumindi watiyawarnu  crying yati songs   wajungu karlarkarlar lajamanu shake dance   now   ngarrka nyinalulu wakalarang poles   kunpulyur tied ankles yunta pungu leaf kurlungalinpa novice aunts dancers coast broome magic ranku wangkirna miya disputes winparrku jangka pardija kuja ngulajuku karrka laru julurlu nyampu yangka pulapa nyampu kari martin cycle by teddy morrison dreamtime lipara wuru watiya rarrarlumantararlu jalyirrpa rarrarlmanta that's dreamtime   juka yirrarnu that way   wurrkali natarriwangka nganynganygurru they dancing   wurparari ngampa ngampa they quick ngampa when takim pirri   pangurlu wantinya wanj pirirli luwarninya that parlpawarnu piri   wanj piri yangkajanyi palpawarnurna yangkajarni that's parlpawarnu   kurlungalinpa kardiya station that chanan  l   kayakayangu warlaju nanta she travel   kayanayana wajinayanu that waj yanta kakarara   yanu wiyarpa kakarara i kaya kakarumpayi ngarnaja lawurra manu piriya manu yukajarni jamankula nyanungukurra jala yukajarni they jamankulaja kurujamanu you yangkakari kujarni yanurnu yatujumpara kuyukirda ngayi wirpiny that entered mind awurru that's yukaja and lezard nangariparna warlanyamparnakari nangari nyangayi nyangayi kayakayangunanta nanta that kirlangu maralya junga songs  storywaru waru jaralyuralyu waruwatiyarla pajarnu palunyanu yapaku yungulpalathey marduju duju kangu yalawuru yangkamathey mardu lunpa kingfisher pass 'songs  storyralyuralyu karnajarrathrough kariyarla wini yamangka kariyarlathat's winingka karlikarlipa tarngakalinyanu wirliya jangkaja jurjulpangaja karijalpa wirntikiji warlu yanurlu kurlira nganayi warayanarla rabit kangakala warayana rabbit parparija mamingiri alec kungariya kangulumpara piripiri manuright pint kangulu taratararlathey landing tuwalala nganyanya wirntikituwalala yalarlaanother wurrulyuparnta wurulyu marna karinya karinyawell wurrulyu karinyanya karinyanyadifferent ngurrampalangula yaluparan ngurrayi mantai yamakarlara winpankanyawomen breast yamakularni winpankanyathat yamayintirri winpankanyathey yamakakarara winpankanyahe ngurrakurra listen himkanjingka parna kirkirmanyanya langangku purdanyangurrababy yapurna yirarnu pindiny pawuluwe yuwayi yanikarlipa wiyarpajintarrakanpa wurlumpur pardiall warant pakarnini walkara pakarnistart waranti wanjiwanji wararagku napurullakutwo alongmight pijapija ngujuju pantarli nyinanyathat&rsquo 'look wiripanta 'that&rsquo puta ngarnutu wayalpara ngarnutu'japanangka 'karnatangutangu itarakurawe wankurmajarrajarrathey carryim putim kularda karli warluma rajimantari jimama tururukururathey malunguru 'nother mirirdi grandsons plantim garden houses tanks kunpu alamatujutuju kantupanturnathey i&rsquo him'people branches 'watarurru pinarlu kayira pirl eaves jardiwanpawaruwarukarna jarrawalyuwalyuflames mungururpa kariyarlawe mawu yalip ungawith yama pantirninya kujarra'we 'yama kujarra pantirninyamake boughshade everyonenaripinp naripanpalathey nari minirranyirra pawurla mari yanyanyaalright travel'ah 'manijardu manijardu wurru wurrukurra kanirarli nyanuthey wakim 'now yanirlipa let&rsquo 'ngapaku karlukari juwaruwaru yanyanyathey ducks 'wurna karkanya pantayrl panjinarla karkanyathey tamara mara wurnutrue pirnt tara tararlathey yarijita manjangka yalurumputhey wurrururla yarlijata yarlulunguplace ngurunyngku change pakarna warantirli pakarnithey wanji warararlu napurullarlunangala puja nganutuku pujawiyarpa ngulyulyu yanyanyathat ngurunyungku watiyawarnu walyajarija ngurlulurru nyinanya   pirdijirri melt parulyu karntajarra parulyuju ngurlulurru yamundurrngu we're juju yunuku karinyarla yamundurrngurla they yamundurrngu   his stealim kurdukurdu leavim steal yamundurrngurla karinyarla  jinjiranyparla karinyarla that's mayinyina yarlaangku mayinyinarli my kurlangu raincloud walya colour brown cake jungarni yunpani nangalajarra mayinyinarli warnangku warlayi nangalajarra   nyampuju yunpanikarnangurlu warna here kartulkarturnu nangalajarrarlu   settlers owls munikiyi bees budgerigars wasp 'head' purlapurla kite laws maninja